Monday, August 25, 2014

New Wood Floors and Framing Photos From August 16 Until Today, August 25th

This is a sample of our new wood floor selection that will be in the master bedroom, hallway and closet.  It's 6 inch planks. We will have tile throughout the rest of the main floor.  Originally we selected a darker stain and different wood.  I'm glad we got a do over a year later.  I love the matte finish.  I think it will be easier to keep clean.
This is photo of the 20x20 tile that will be on the main floor (except the master) as well as our granite countertop in the kitchen. The travertine subway tile will be the backsplash.  We aren't using the small 2x2 or 4x4 tiles on the backsplash,  just using the subway size and design.  The dark wood piece is a sample of the color of our kitchen cabinets.
August 16th...Stairway going down the the guest rooms floor, lake level.

That's my painting/hobby room on the ground floor and the dining room directly above

Standing in my hobby room looking towards the downstairs family room and other guest rooms.

Jose wishin' he was fishin'

Framers still working at 6:30 pm.  YEAH!

This is the view from the lake if you're on a boat.  It's a two story house!  But when you're driving down our street.  It looks like a one story.  That's what us folks from the southeast in Tornado country call a "daylight basement".  That's a new term for my Texas friends.

Standing at what will be the front door looking through what will be an arched entryway into the family room, wall of windows.  There will also be an upper balcony that you will access from either our bedroom or the dining room.

This is what the framing looked liked as of 6:30 pm today August 25th.  It looks like the roof might be going up soon!

This is what the house looks like from the road...That huge room to the left would be Jose's 4 car tandem garage and the tiny one to the right is my single car.  Our front door is recessed between the two.

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