Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ground Floor Framed!

They've been framing for 9 days and the bottom floor is complete as of yesterday!  These pictures were made over the last 9 days.  These Framers don't mess around!  We are very pleased with their attention to detail and progress.  It's been so horribly hot!  All of these photos were taken after 6:30 pm and they are typically just leaving when we get there.  In one picture you can still see them working.  

 This is going to be my workroom downstairs for painting and upholstery.
 A storm is rolling's so pretty when it storms across the lake.
 We are thrilled with the progress.  Can you tell?
Still working at 6:30 on a Saturday!
Starting on the main floor.
 Bottom floor done!

That's where the kitchen/dining area will be!

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