Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Lot Happening All At One Time!!!

Been really busy personally and so has Kurk Homes!  The driveway is in, the front door is on, (but not the iron door handle), chandeliers and ceiling fans are in, subfloor is down, tile is going in, base cabinets are back in, counter tops are in, marble-top is in the master, back patio stain is going on the banister,stone fire place is done and mantle has the first coat of stain...Lots of work, with a few minor glitches...granite counter top in kitchen island where the sink is is missing the 12 inch overlay, that was a pretty expensive boo boo but they're cutting a new one.  LED candelabra lights are just ugly so all of those are coming out, the globes on my foyer chandelier won't even fit over them, that's why they aren't installed yet.  Our wood floors won't be going in until right before the move but I'm posting a sample of the new 7 inch planks we picked out.  I looooooove them!  Mom and dad were just here and got to see it for the first time beyond dirt and foundation.  They loved it.  Uncle Charles, Aunt Reba, Greg and Kelly Jo came over Sunday after church to see it as well.  Planned lots of future barbecues at High Cotton.  We still feel weird showing people around.  It just doesn't feel like I'm grown up enough to have this house.  It is a dream come true.  We are very blessed.
Here's the sample of our hardwood floors which will be in the master

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Ceiling Fans (we put the same on the balcony and the downstairs patio)

Master bath chandelier between our closets

Master bath chandelier over the tub and ceiling fan

Sconces over the master bath vanity...I have two big black distressed cathedral mirrors.  Those LED candelabra bulbs are coming out.  The attached baggies dangling down have extra candle wraps.

Fireplace before the stained mantle.  BTW...the corbels and plinth blocks are coming off of the built-ins in the living room.  They aren't the ones I picked out.  These are a bit formal for my taste.  They also haven't finished the installation here.  There's a top center piece that was damaged in bringing it here from the workshop so they are building us a new one.  I really love our cabinet maker.

From the outside looking in, on Valentine's Day.

The banister is in and it's being stained the color of the the sunburst.

From our neighbor's dock at night, Valentine's Day, 2015

Family room, stone fireplace and unfinished builtin

My driveway

Front door with the speakeasy and iron overlay!  I loooooove this! Iron door handle hasn't been installed yet


Chandelier in the kitchen over the island where the sink is

Front door from the inside...and yes the made the speak easy low enough that I can peek out if I stand on my tip toes!  Most would have to duck down to look out.

Ceiling fan in the study

Antique chandelier in the powder room.  I bought this at Gaslamp in Nashville before we ever  broke ground.  I came out of a mansion in Belle Meade.  I had to have a little bit of Nashvegas in Texas!  I'll be putting an edison bulb in the place of this one.

Master Bath ceiling fan and sconces

Close-ups of master bath ceiling fan.  I just looooooove this fan.

Chandelier over jacuzzi tub in master bath

Close up of ceiling fan in the master bedroom and family room.  It's got lights in the bowl that uplight on the ceiling.  It's sooooo Cool!

This is an antique chandelier that I refinished.  A friend of mine's husband did the rewiring and primed it, I painted it and added the crystals.  Only about 50% of the crystals are on right now.  It's much easier to place them while it's hanging.  You should have seen how ugly this was when i bought it at the Antique store in Spring Texas.  This is hanging in my laundry room.

Our Mailbox!  

Foyer chandelier with smokey blue hand blown glass globes.  Only one has been installed so far.  We picked this out and ordered it before we did the front door.  They ended up looking great together.  

Inside of the front door with the chandelier

Who's There?

Subfloor being laid

Main floor tile going in...can't wait til the grout goes in.  It looks a little with with those dark lines.

Kitchenette downstairs.  The granite and sink are in

I just love the new granite we picked out.  It's called New Golden Beach

Downstairs kitchenette

Downstairs ensuite guest bath...the grout in here will be very light which should give it a completely different look

Hallway guest bath downstairs...the slate was my favorite tile in the whole house.  I wanted to do this in the master bath but Jose was just OK with this choice, so I put it somewhere he didn't have to see it every day.  I will have a chicken feeder light in this bathroom the mount is there but we still have to drill a whole in the antique feeder I bought in Round Top last year.

Mantle with the first coat of stain!

Cabinet where our oversized fridge and freezer will be.  The doors on either side don't open to the front they open to the side so I can hang mops and brooms on one side.  I saw that on Pinterest and had them make ours that way.

Finally!  The kitchen island is in where the dishwasher and sink are.

View from the can see where they stopped laying the tile today

Granite is in...but they forgot the 12 inch overlay on the island which makes the chandelier look off center.  They are bringing us a new one.  I looooooove our granite!  Can't wait to see the tumbled travertine backspash.

Wasn't totally sure about having two colors of wood in the kitchen and living room but I loooooooove it.  It's hard to tell on these photos but the white cabinetry in both rooms is glazed with a hint of chocolate.  It's pretty cool.

Two-tiered bar...this will have the tumbled travertine backsplash as well.  Iv'e never had this much storage in my entire life!  I can't wait to unpack!