Saturday, August 30, 2014

We Have a Roof!

Our framing crew is working on Saturday and we have the beginnings of a roof!  Jose went over after the Bama game to check on the progress and it's looking good!

He made this photo from our neighbor's dock.  They haven't started building their house yet but they have and AWESOME dock.

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Wood Floors and Framing Photos From August 16 Until Today, August 25th

This is a sample of our new wood floor selection that will be in the master bedroom, hallway and closet.  It's 6 inch planks. We will have tile throughout the rest of the main floor.  Originally we selected a darker stain and different wood.  I'm glad we got a do over a year later.  I love the matte finish.  I think it will be easier to keep clean.
This is photo of the 20x20 tile that will be on the main floor (except the master) as well as our granite countertop in the kitchen. The travertine subway tile will be the backsplash.  We aren't using the small 2x2 or 4x4 tiles on the backsplash,  just using the subway size and design.  The dark wood piece is a sample of the color of our kitchen cabinets.
August 16th...Stairway going down the the guest rooms floor, lake level.

That's my painting/hobby room on the ground floor and the dining room directly above

Standing in my hobby room looking towards the downstairs family room and other guest rooms.

Jose wishin' he was fishin'

Framers still working at 6:30 pm.  YEAH!

This is the view from the lake if you're on a boat.  It's a two story house!  But when you're driving down our street.  It looks like a one story.  That's what us folks from the southeast in Tornado country call a "daylight basement".  That's a new term for my Texas friends.

Standing at what will be the front door looking through what will be an arched entryway into the family room, wall of windows.  There will also be an upper balcony that you will access from either our bedroom or the dining room.

This is what the framing looked liked as of 6:30 pm today August 25th.  It looks like the roof might be going up soon!

This is what the house looks like from the road...That huge room to the left would be Jose's 4 car tandem garage and the tiny one to the right is my single car.  Our front door is recessed between the two.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ground Floor Framed!

They've been framing for 9 days and the bottom floor is complete as of yesterday!  These pictures were made over the last 9 days.  These Framers don't mess around!  We are very pleased with their attention to detail and progress.  It's been so horribly hot!  All of these photos were taken after 6:30 pm and they are typically just leaving when we get there.  In one picture you can still see them working.  

 This is going to be my workroom downstairs for painting and upholstery.
 A storm is rolling's so pretty when it storms across the lake.
 We are thrilled with the progress.  Can you tell?
Still working at 6:30 on a Saturday!
Starting on the main floor.
 Bottom floor done!

That's where the kitchen/dining area will be!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We've Got Some Walls!

Okay, so y'all are going to get REALLY sick of my blog updates.  I haven't had anything to say in 2 years and all of the sudden we've got wood and walls!  They are saying that the outside framing should be done by next Friday!  OH MY WORD!  I don't even know how to act.  We're going to our lighting meeting Friday.  I don't imagine that's going to be a cheap meeting.  I've already been looking and with my thrift store/flea market yard sale mentality, it's hard to wrap my mind around the price of the beautiful iron Spanish revival chandeliers, sconces and pendant lights that I love.  I don't think my lighting budget will get us out of the foyer, kitchen, family room:(   So here's what's been happening since the pour since Friday.  They taken off all the forms and foam from the concrete, cleaned up the site, delivered the wood and started framing! There are actually people working on site everyday!  And it's 101 in the shade in Houston! Here are the pictures from today...

I can't hardley believe it!  It really looks terribly small.  Someone assure me it's going to look bigger than  it does right now or when y'all come to viist you'll be staying in cracker box guest rooms and I'm going to have to trade my pathfinder in for a mini-cooper.  I'd look real cute with all my yard sale finds strapped to the hood of a mini-cooper.  No chance a new Tundra is going in that garage unless it truly is going to be bigger than it looks.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Foundation Finally Finished!

Prepping for the Pour!
The Truck is Here!

We've Got Concrete!

Jose in His Garage!
Me in My Garage!

It's been 2 years and 4 months in the making but our foundation is finished!  They will begin removing forms today and hopefully the rest is downhill!  We met with our cabinet makers, Benedettini Cabinets, last Friday to review our selections and design the builtins in the study and  the family room.  As it turns out, we completely changed the kitchen cabinets.  That's the beauty of having a year to think about it and look at other kitchens!  We are going to our lighting appointment Friday, August 8th.  Sooooo looking forward to that!   Also, we are back to the design center to reselect our hardwood floors and carpet in the guest rooms as both have been discontinued.  I loooooove 2nd chances.  Thanks to all our friends and family who get excited with us!  We are very anxious to get in our new home so we can get out from under the mound of boxes and chaos we have been living in for 2 and half years.