Monday, January 19, 2015

Drive Way Design and Cabinets Going In!!!!

I haven't posted in a while because not much happened over the holiday break.  But it's beginning to pick back up.  The retaining walls for the driveway and the rebar and forms have been laid in preparation for the concrete pour.  We will have lots of room to park so plan your road trips!  The cabinets are beginning to go in.  It's sooooo exciting to see them going in.  I had forgotten what they were going to look like and it's always sooooo scary to think, "Am I really going to like them?"  I mean you go to the cabinet builder's shop and look at all of their samples and pick your doors, stain, trim work, inserts, trying to plan what your going to put where before you're ever in the house...then you wonder..."Did I make the right choice?"  I'm saying "I" instead of "we" because Jose pretty much gave me free reign in the kitchen.  Of course he was with me when we were at the cabinet builders making these decisions but he only vetoed the distressed cobalt blue cabinets. The side staircase is completed.  I sort of freaked when i saw the concrete bases but they told me these would be covered with the grading and dirt work when they are done. Whew!  Here's the updated pictures...

The driveway is layed out, retaining wall is done and it's ready for a pour!
Kitchen cabinets!!!! My favorite thing is the drawers for pots and pans below the cooktop and the two spice racks on either side of the drawers!  I can't wait to cook in this kitchen!
More cabinets on the backside of the stone two tiered bar.  I can't wait to fill these up!  The pipe sticking up in the foreground will have the island with the sink, dishwasher and microwave.  It's going to be the same color as the built-in cabinets in the family room, ivory with a a chocolate glaze.

The refrigerator/freezer will go in this spot and their will be two cabinets on either side that will open up to the side.  Good place to put mops/brooms/cleaning stuff.  I saw one of these on pinterest and it worked out perfectly to add it here.

This is the beginning of our built-ins.  They still have to add the top piece, shelves and all the decorative pieces.  We paid extra to have this piece painted and glazed.  Hindsight...I really could have done this myself but I was too scared to try.  I really like it, but wish I would have trusted my gut and saved us some cash.

Looking in to the kitchen from the family room.

I believe this is my very favorite thing in our house.  Yall know how I loooooove my books!  For the first time in my life I'm going to have a place to put them.  We've got floor to ceiling built-in bookcases in the study/office on one whole wall. This room has a curved wall. I couldn't get them all in one shot because I'm not sure how to do panarama shots so I took two.

Another shot of the built-in bookcases.  Shelve aren't in yet.  We are having these painted the color of our trim.  

Lakeside view at sunset.  We're going to stain the side staircase riverwood to match the cedar sunburst on the upstairs porch.
They are shooting for us to be in in February.  I think it will be March.