Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sheetrock and Stone!!!!!!

We have been sooooooo busy with work, school, and football...I haven't had time to update the blog in a while.  So I have quite a few pictures.  The electrical is in, the sheetrock is up (they were taping today) and they started laying to the stone yesterday!   Here's the updated pictures...

Sonoma Gold Texas Sandstone (close up)
We really wanted to use local stone.  I just loooooove it!
Apparently they wait and do all the stone pieces that have to be cut (the space between where the Hardiplank stops and stone starts & the base posts on the front and back columns) last.

Men at Work!

I was so happy when I drove up today and saw our stone.  We picked this out 2 years ago and I had forgotten what it looked like.  I've been told that more gold tones will come through as it ages which is fine with me.  We are having this same stone around our fireplace and on the two-tiered bar between the living room and kitchen.
 Jose's Garage Sheetrocked!  
 My Garage 
 Standing in the kitchen looking over what will be the island, over the two tiered bar, and into the living room
 The view from my garage, through the mudroom going into to the kitchen.  You can see the plumbing where the sink will be.
 Jose, standing in the kitchen
 The master bedroom.  The bed will go on that wall
 Master bath
 The kitchen again, looking at the spot where the island will be, both pantry's, the mudroom and my garage
 Master bathroom, Jose's closet on the left, mine on the right, looking at the toilet closet and the walk-in shower to the right.  The best thing about this house is, shower door!!!! (I hate cleaning a shower door so we designed one that didn't need a door!)  
 Master bath vanities and toilet closet again
 Dining area to the left of the kitchen
 Standing in the master bedroom looking into the master bath
 Walking down the stairs, closet and kitchenette to the right
 Looking up the stairs from the landing
 Standing in the family room downstairs, kitchenette is to the left, looking up the stairs to the first landing.
And here's the big booboo...This is the wall where our refrigerator and freezer will be, notice ice maker hookup but no where to plug them in...failed to put in one of the most important GFCI outlets and the other two electrical outlets on this wall.   Yes they are aware and that will be corrected.   Would have been nice if they had caught this before the sheetrock and taping...which started today.