Sunday, June 14, 2015

The End is Near...Walkthrough Today

Our New Address...20335 New Moon Trail!
Well it's been a long time coming...we did our official walkthrough today!  We spent 5 hours at the house this afternoon walking through in preparation of closing on the house.  Right now it looks like a Smurf threw up there's so much blue painters tape everywhere for paint/caulk touch ups.  All of our mirrors are hung, most of which I've had for years.  I had the ones in the Master Bath custom made at Don Quixote in Spring Texas before we ever had the house plans finalized.  I had a vision and they made it come true!  The funny thing is...I designed the mirrors to  go with some sconces I found only to discover two years later that they were discontinued.  I searched the internet over and couldn't get my hands on them.  Thus began the search for new sconces that had to fit in the space and look good with the mirrors.  I just looooooved how it all came together.  
Master Bath
Powder Room Mirror
I'm doing a Spanish look in this bathroom.  I have a beautiful iron light fixture that Jose and I bought at Gaslamp Antique Mall in Nashville 3 years ago.  It came out of a BelleMeade Mansion.  I knew I wanted it somewhere in our new home.  It looks beautiful in here with the talevera cobalt blue tile and tin mirror.  I'm painting a corner shelf for this room cobalt blue.  I can't wait to start decorating.

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This vintage chicken feeder light is hanging in one of the guest baths downstairs with the rustic wood mirror.  I bought the chicken feeder Antiques Week in the Bar W Field in Warrenton TX last spring and Jose cut the hole for me.  I got the mirror in Katy before we moved over three years ago.   It's a good thing my taste hasn't changed that much in 3 years.
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This mirror is made from old ceiling tin and is in the other guest bath with the olive bucket light.  I bought the mirror in the field behind Zapp hall in Warrenton at this year's spring show and I purchased the olive bucket at the flea market in Winnie last month.  The original bucket I purchased in Warrenton didn't work, the hole was too small for the bulb, so I had to go with plan B.  I really like plan B (see the picture below)

All of the blue tape is where we need a paint/glaze/clean/or caulk touch up.  See, Smurf throw up!


We will be closing at 10:30 tomorrow morning!!!!!! Then Jose leaves for a business trip on Wednesday til Friday in St. Louis while I will be attending a 3 day workshop for all Humble Coaches (AHHHHHHH!)  Camille, Daddy and Jackson are coming in the Tundra on Friday and staying until Tuesday to help us get some of our things moved in and Apple Movers will be coming on June 25th for all the boxes and furniture for the official moving day.  I can't believe it's finally happening.  We're so blessed and so happy!