Monday, November 19, 2012

Walk-out Daylight Basement Design

This is the walk-out daylight basement design.  We have 4 guest rooms, one of which we are using or a workout/craft room.  We added a wetbar with room for a full size fridge, for easy access to beverages etc, when pool side.  Also, it will be convenient for our coffee drinking guests.  Jose and I don't drink coffee, don't even know how to make coffee but the coffee maker and all supplies will be in the wet bar so guests will be able to help themselves to a cup of joe first thing in the morning.  We may switch the workout/craft room with the ensuite bath so I can have a nice view while working out.  Hopefully the view will motivate me to work out more.  Putting in an email to our designer tomorrow.  We loooooove this house!

New Main Floor Design

This is the new design for the main floor. We've flipped the house, raised the roof in the family room, omitted the 2nd story, and enclosed the stairwell to lead down to a daylight, walk-out basement which elimnated the need for the 33,000 retaining wall.  YEAH!  We can walk out to the pool (we don't have yet) and get in the boat (we probably won't have for a while) which will be housed in the dock (we also won't be able to build right away because we added 500 square feet to the house today:) But... we love this house!

Construction On Hold

I haven't posted in a while because its been a frustrating 6 weeks.  First, it was the foundation pad which was going to require a retaining wall, then it was the sewer board not approving the wall to go over the easement now it's the home owners association.  As of Monday November 7th we were issued a cease and desist order from the HOA.

We had to build a high foundation pad for drainage purposes and apparently it's caused a big old stink which has resulted in more than one hissy fit and many sleepless nights.  Sooooo we have a big pile of dirt just waiting for a house. Hope to have a resolution soon.  We are now 2 months behind schedule. Tomorrow we meet with the architect for a redesign to include a daylight basement instead of a second story.  Stay tuned for the latest drama over the Alba residence.