Sunday, June 23, 2013

May and June Progress

So...two months later and still no foundation.  We opted to do our own subcontracting for the culvert, which had to be completed and inspected before we could get a concrete truck on the back of the property.  Hindsight, it wasn't worth it.  Dealing with rain, Harris County permitting and unreliable workers  to get to a good one, cost us about two months.  Fortunately it's in, it passed and we are finally to pour the foundation.  However, apparently concrete pourers are in high demand and we just have to get in line and wait.  In the mean time...I got to show off the property to my sister, Camille.  It was her first trip to Crosby and Lake Houston.  Also...we have an appointement with the cabinet maker on Friday to pick out all of our cabinets:)

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