Friday, June 28, 2013

Cabinet Meeting Today!!!

Benedettini Cabinets
We had our first design appointment today with Scott at Benedettini Cabinets in Rosenberg, TX. I was really nervous and anxious before the meeting today. Jose and I have pretty different tastes in decorating and design. He loves symmetry, clean lines, every thing matching whereas I'm very eclectic, no symmetry and nothing matches but everything goes well together. Scott was incredible at guiding us to a mutually agreeable design regarding the doors and stain in every room in the house where they will be building cabinets. He had excellent suggestions regarding some the kitchen cabinets. We tweaked the some of the design without adding extra expense. He also had a great ideas for the living room built-in. We brought home for stain samples for different areas of the house, to sleep on and take with us to our big design appointment where we will pick out flooring, graninte, fixtures etc.

As soon as we have the final cabinet designs and we've finalized finishes I will post pictures. We did agree on a wood and a door for all of our cabinets, Alder Wood with the Baldwin Door and a Roman Edge. We are going to go with the knotty Alder wood in the guest baths to have a more rustic look. The stains we have picked out are chestnut, midnight or onyx for the kitchen and family room. Whichever doesn't make the cut in those rooms will probably show up in the guest baths downstairs.

With sooooo many choices and soooooo much to decide I would have thought we were going to be there all day. It only took 3 hours. Scott was excellant at keeping me focused and in questioning to help us choose our favorite styles. We went in knowing only two things, we wanted something classic and timeless, not very ornate. We found a mutually agreeable solution and we're both happy! So far...terribly impressed with Benedettini Cabinets.

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