Monday, July 16, 2012

Jose and I purchased this property on Lake Houston to build our dream home together.  Initially, we had no intention of building of new house.  We were perfectly happy in Katy Texas, both unemployed just hangin' out, loving our new life of being together 24/7 after two years of commuting every two weeks.  Then Jose got a job.  The commute was AWFUL! Most evenings he was lucky to be home by 7 pm.  So...the search began.  We looked in Kingwood, Humble, Atascacita, then we found Lake Houston. We originally were looking to purchase and renovate but the time & expense nixed that idea pretty quickly.  So the hunt for the perfect lot began. 

We found several, narrowed it down to two, got input from our families and our builder (Kurk Homes), then went with our gut!  We bought in Indian Shores because of the beautiful trees and stunning sunsets!  We put the house on the market, it sold in 7 days and we moved to a rental in Crosby so we could be close to our land while we were building.

I decided to create this blog for several reasons...1) I want all of our family and friends to be able to see our progress along the way,  2) I may need some input and guidance, 3) For posterity's sake, 4) So yall will know when to make travel plans to visit us in the new house.  (Our creepy haunted rental in Crosby isn't exactly welcoming right now.  You have to crawl over boxes everywhere.  Our neighbor informed me two weeks ago that a little boy died in this house upstairs so I'm more than a little ready to get into our new digs), & 5) Because I've always wanted to try the blogging thing.

I always thought I'd be blogging about restaurants not building a house but here goes!  

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