Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stairs. Plumbing, Tubs, Oh My!

Despite the torrential rains over the last week in Houston...they're making a lot of progress on the house.  The plumbing is in, front windows are on, the Hardy plank is going on, the guest bathtubs are in, the fireplace is in and they were working when we left today on a Saturday.  We had our walk through with the electrician on Friday because they are going to start pulling wires Monday!  While we were out there Jose kept cautioning me to watch my step.  What do think happened when we went downstairs...I stepped on a piece of wood with a nail in it and it went right through my tennis shoe into my foot.  Our electrician pulled it out because he was closer than Jose.  It bled a little and is sore today but, "I Fine".  Needles to say I was much more careful when Jose and I went by this morning to measure and verify the spacing of our kitchen island and bar.

They are working on a Saturday putting up the Hardy plank.  We've got windows!  The Hardy will be painted a sage green to compliment the Texas sand stone that will go on the bottom part of the house. 

In the kitchen looking out through the dining area

The fireplace is in!  Not really sure we need it but I have to have a place to hang our stockings at Christmas!

Enough Said!  

Glass brick window over what will be the jacuzzi tub!
We were standing on the balcony, admiring our view feeling terribly blessed.  I looked at Jose and said..."I don't feel grown -up enough to have this house.  He started laughing and said he felt exactly the same way.  It just seems surreal.  I know I'm turning 49 in about a month but it just doesn't seem like this is going to be our house.  I guess we've just been looking at the land for so long with an empty lot it just didn't seem real. was very real and it felt a little weird, but in a good way.

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  1. Omg. That view from the dining room/ kitchen! Jealous ��