Monday, November 19, 2012

Construction On Hold

I haven't posted in a while because its been a frustrating 6 weeks.  First, it was the foundation pad which was going to require a retaining wall, then it was the sewer board not approving the wall to go over the easement now it's the home owners association.  As of Monday November 7th we were issued a cease and desist order from the HOA.

We had to build a high foundation pad for drainage purposes and apparently it's caused a big old stink which has resulted in more than one hissy fit and many sleepless nights.  Sooooo we have a big pile of dirt just waiting for a house. Hope to have a resolution soon.  We are now 2 months behind schedule. Tomorrow we meet with the architect for a redesign to include a daylight basement instead of a second story.  Stay tuned for the latest drama over the Alba residence.

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